Friday 27th October 2023

A) The Event

B) The Bands

Loose Puppet

Loose Puppet is a music project led by songwriter George Hammond. Loose Puppet fuses guitar music with socially relevant and observational lyricism, discussing themes such as modern society, escapism, what it means to be young in the digital age and everything in between.


Loose Puppet

Jo Jo & The Teeth

The New Wave of Glam starts here...

Jo-Jo & The Teeth are a London based Tour de Force with a whole lot of soul! Erupting with ferocious melodies, dirty swaggering riffs, slick licks, big ass drums and groovy as hell rhythms to stomp your big boots to. Impeccable vocals, haunting story telling lyrics, not too shiny though - just enough glitter to balance out their gritty, cold, black, Rock’N’Roll hearts.

‘It might not be Punk Rock, but it’s Punk As F*ck.’



Jo-Jo & The Teeth released their debut album 'No More Good News' in December 2022 which only accelerated the momentum they had built off of their reputation as a formidable live band. The album was met with stellar reviews, a critics choice for its genre defying musicianship and eloquent songwriting. The Teeth made festival appearances at London's Portobello Live, The Isle of Wight Festival - headlining the Friday night at The Kashmir Cafe stage, and graced the Introducing stage at Rebellion Festival up in Blackpool and have just announced as a returning band in 2024 due to popular demand.

Jo-Jo & The Teeth are spending the winter writing and workshopping their next record, with plans to hit the road with London Punk Rock Legend: Andy Blade's EATER - with dates booked in Italy, Spain and of course, the UK.



L'Extravagante are a four-piece band, who played their first show in November 2022. The four passionate individuals shape their sound collectively and make every note their own. They combine emotional and empowering rock with grooving electronic music, and aim to deliver a unique experience to their listeners every single time they come together. Their aim, is to make it count for you and give you the best they've got!!!!



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