Friday 23rd June 2023

A) The Event

B) The Bands

Matt Wyatt

Matt is from a small village you’ve never heard of, from somewhere you would consider north but is actually the midlands. Unless you’re actually northern, in which case he’s southern.

He plays acoustic music, which most of you would consider folk, but a true folk musician would find that assessment offensive. He’s been playing for long enough that he should be far better at guitar than he is. He’s performed in clubs, pubs, biker rallies and even once in a noodle bar opening. He will gladly perform again for noodles - apparently!

Matt played for us back in March 2023 as part of our Non League Day celebrations. After a great set, we knew we wanted him back ASAP as part of a Geordies event.


The Hornets

The Hornets are a four piece Rhythm & Blues band based in and around London.

They have recently played sold out gigs for The Ealing Club, Ram Jam Records, The Hanwell Cavern, and The Spice Of Life to name a few.

They consist of Bailey Penny on Lead Guitar, Nelson MacLure on Bass, Filipp Krisan on Drums, and Sam Winn on Lead Vocals.




The Impersonals

THE iMPERSONALS are a three piece Indie, Punk and Ska band with a street vibe to their attitude with plenty of melody and power, highly enjoyable. Recent tunes have a more pop sensibility, top tunes played with Verve, possible nod to Blur, The Clash and The Specials.




C) The Gallery