Friday 21st July 2023

A) The Event

B) The Bands

Bring the Angels

We're a rock band based in London playing classic, hard and original rock and heavy blues.

The band consists of:

  • Lucy Gowen on the Guitar
  • Frankie James on Bass
  • Ollie Menist on Drums
  • Molly Gray on Vocals.

The Jackals

A high energy supercharged 4 piece indie rock band from Enfield. A blend of pop and rock influences with catchy hooks. Something for everyone!

Sweet Unrest

Based in West London, Sweet Unrest formed in March 2022. Their sound is a fit of passion, a purging of energy. Channelling Britpop, Grunge and Punk influences, the band spins tension and warmth into a colourful field where different experiences meet.

As anthemic riffs and power chords halt, nods to poetry and echoing tones ride a heavy backbeat, the sound becomes something quite hard to give a name to.

They’ve just released their debut 4 track EP which is now available on all platforms. 


“Sweet Unrest will knock your socks off”

TJPL Reviews

“gut-punchingly essential"

No Distance Records

“Swagger, flair and absolute belters"

Radar Music Group

“Indie rock bangers of the highest tier”

In Pop


Sweet Unrest

C) The Gallery