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Perivale Brewery (19/11/22)

Award-Wining Ale from Perivale

We’re a modern microbrewery based on Horsenden Farm in Ealing, a short walk from Perivale underground station in West London. We value flavour over fads, and make use of everything on our doorstep; homegrown hops, foraged fruits and herbs, even the honey that inspired our original signature beer, Veripale.

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Our head brewer Mike Siddell is the creative force behind Perivale. He's a gifted violinist who’s recorded & toured with major acts. Mike’s passion for beer saw him intern at other London breweries before creating a brew setup on his narrow boat (including piping that ran outside into the canal for semi-controlled cooling). Through the boating community, Mike discovered the Friends of Horsenden Hill, who work in partnership with Ealing council to make use of the farm buildings and surrounding land for the benefit of everyone in the area. Here we’ve setup home with likeminded makers; growing produce, rearing livestock, baking bread and of course, brewing beer.

The Berlin Doner (19/11/22)

We sell famous Berlin style doner kebab (100% beef doner, chicken doner and vegetable Doner). We have created a healthy and nutritionally balanced approach to traditional kebabs.

The doner kebab we make with high-quality ingredients and we use different herbs and spices that give it a unique taste. The great taste comes from the 'secret sauces' that set our products apart from our competitors.

We use lean succulent beef and pure chicken fillets. We use fresh, locally produced vegetables that are delivered and prepared daily along with our special doner kebab bread. These make The Berlin Doner a truly unique taste experience for our customers.

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