What is the Geordie Draw?

New for the 2023/24 season is the Geordie Draw.

It's a monthly draw with various prizes for it's members and is a great way to support the Club during our second season at Step 3 as part of the Southern League, Premier South.

How does it work?

The 2023/24 Geordie Draw runs from 01st July 2023 till 30th June 2024.

Each draw will take place at the first home game immediately following the end of each month.

The next draw will take place on Saturday 23rd December 2023.

Membership is £8 per month for a single entry - that's less than £2 per week.

This can be paid:

  • On a monthly basis - £8; or
  • On an annual basis - £56 (i.e. the remaining 7 months for 2023/24).

If you're feeling lucky why not purchase 2 tickets !!

What are the prizes?

A member of the first team squad will draw three tickets from a Hanwell Bucket Hat.

The monthly prizes are:

  • First ticket drawn: £70 Cash Prize*
  • Second ticket drawn: £30 Cash Prize*
  • Third ticket drawn: Club Merchandise Giveaway**.

* The size of the monthly prizes is dictated by how many people have joined the draw at the start of each quarter.

Hanwell Town Football Club are committed to return a minimum of 33% of income in prizes.

The exact amount of each cash prize will be determined on a quarterly basis (i.e. July, October, January and April).

The second quarter prizes was determined on 23rd October 2023 with this webpage updated on 24th October 2023.

** The specific merchandise prize(s) will depend on both the range of products available at the time of each monthly draw.

How do I find out the results?

The results of the draw will be published via the Club Website - see "The Winners" section below.

Each winner will be contacted within 5 days of the draw using the contact details provided during the application process.

How do I sign up?

Please complete the membership form via the link below and you'll be sent an email with details required to set up a monthly Standing Order (for monthly payments) or make a bank transfer (for annual payments).

We kindly request that all monthly Standing Orders are set up for the 21st of each month.

Please Note:

  • ALL members are required to be over 16 years old to join the Geordie Draw.
  • The form does not have a 'Save & Continue Later' function, it must be fully completed and submitted in one go.
  • Response emails, which detail the Standing Order / Bank Transfer details, are not automatic. Therefore please allow approximately 48 hours to receive this information.

Any Questions?

If you've any questions then please contact:     geordiedraw@hanwelltown.com

Thanks for your support & good luck !!

Terms & Conditions

  • Hanwell Town Football Club operates under a small lotteries licence issued by Ealing Council.
  • As detailed above:

- ALL members are required to be over 16 year old to join the Geordie Draw.

- The Club reserve the right to amend the monthly cash prize amounts on a quarterly basis.

  • Should you wish to leave the draw, given the basis of establishing the prize amounts, we require members paying on a monthly basis to remain part of the draw for the full quarter in which the give notice.

Notice should be given by emailing geordiedraw@hanwelltown.com

Unfortunately refunds are not available for membership paid on an annual basis. 

The Winners

1) July 2023:

  • John Friend

2) August 2023:

  • John Friend
  • David Iddiols

3) September 2023:

  • James Gooden
  • Steve Pound

4) October 2023:

  • Phil Player
  • Andy Brathwaite
  • Elsa Jones

5) November 2023:

  • Ron Hill
  • Elliot Benyon
  • Bob Groves