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Community Events


On Saturday 12th November Hanwell Town will play Winchester City at the Powerday Stadium - kick off is at 3pm. Prior to the match, the Club has a series of activities in order recognise Remembrance Day 2022. 


We’ve invited our friends from the Greenford Royal British Legion (RBL) along with members of local scout and guide groups.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Greenford RBL for supporting us with this event, in particular for providing us with poppies which will be available at various locations around the ground.

We also have an enamel pin badge available to purchase which contains the remembrance poppy along with the Club Crest. The price includes a donation to the Greenford RBL. 


Prior to kick off the Ealing Mayor will lay a wreath on the centre spot along with representatives from both clubs. The Last Post and Reveille will be played by local trumpeter Ollie Dinnell-Clarke. 

I spoke to Gary Webb, the Vice Chairman of the Greenford RBL, to find out more about them.

Remembrance Day (12/11/2022)

How long has the Greenford branch been established? 

It was established 1935


Has it always been located on Oldfield Lane South?


How many members do you have?

Around 300 these days but it’s now growing again! We’re open to new members - no military servicerequired.

Are you affiliated with any other local groups/organisations?

We’re not directly affiliated but we support and accommodate local Scout groups, especially 9th & 4th Greenford, and Holy Cross Church. We're available to Edward Betham, Coston and William Perkin local schools - some parents are members. Our members also support the RBL Riders Branch, a regional motorcycle branch.

Do you have any other regular fundraising activities/events?

Not specifically for the RBL or the Poppy Appeal, except the Poppy Dance, although contributions are made year-round. We do however have regular bingo & karaoke nights, Saturday afternoon tea as well as discos/live music/themed events throughout the year. We also host regular dance groups including a twice monthly Country & Western group and an annual pantomime.

All of these events keep the Club going to further promote the aims of the RBL - we are the last and have always been the largest RBL Club in the borough.

How many years has the annual remembrance ceremony at Greenford Hall taken place? 

The Memorial at Greenford Hall was established in 1921 and our parades have taken place since 1935.


Who is involved in the annual remembrance ceremony?

In 2021 the attendees included the Greenford & District Scouts, the local Guides, the local air and army cadets, members of Holy Cross Church and The Rt. Hon. James Murray MP. This year the local Shree Jalaram Mandir have contributed a marching band which in 2021 (the first after lockdown) we didn't have. We also have the Chiltern Hills Brass Band. 


What are the plans for the 2022 parade and ceremony?

  • This year our event is on Sunday 13th November
  • The parade route is from the Club, along Greenford Road and then The Broadway to the War Memorial. After the ceremony, the parade return to the Club along Oldfield Lane. 
  • The poster below provides further information about the event. 


Hanwell Town look forwards to welcoming the Ealing Mayor, Greenford RBL and all our other guests on 12th November.


Russell Simpson 


Useful Links:

  • The history of the Royal British Legion - Click Here
  • The Greenford Branch website - Click Here
  • The Eleven things you might not know about the poppy - Click Here

Rainbow Laces Day (15/11/2022)


What’s it for? 

For almost a decade, Rainbow Laces has brought visibility for the LGBT+ community in a number of sports. The event continues to raise awareness of the experience of the LGBT+ people both on and off the pitch. In the last 12 months, we’ve seen significant progress made, with several athletes coming out across multiple sports, with support from their clubs and the majority of fans.

We mentioned a few individuals from the world of football in our Pride articles this summer - please click here.

Why is it needed?

Whilst this demonstrates things are starting to improve there’s still quite a journey as shown by the results of a recent Stonewall survey.

            Source: Stonewall October 2022


When announcing the 2022 campaign Stonewall stated:

"...Since Rainbow Laces first kicked off in 2013, over a million of you have laced up in support of LGBT+ inclusion in sport.Sport can bring so many benefits to our lives - not just in terms of wellbeing, but also in the ways sport brings people together. People from all walks of life can gain a sense of belonging and community through shared passion. LGBT+ people deserve to be a part of this. We shouldn’t feel excluded or shut out just because of who we are."


The 2022 Campaign 

Although the campaign runs across October and November this years slogan is quite simply that ‘inclusion has no off season’. The annual event is earlier this year given the break in professional football due to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which itself continues to be surrounded by controversy.

In Qatar, male homosexuality is punishable by up to three years in prison and same-sex marriages are not recognised by the government. The following article details this and other controversies in more detail - please click here.

What can I do? 

You can make a difference just by starting conversations with those around you, calling out anti-LGBT+ sentiment or language when you hear it, and raising awareness of the stigma and discrimination that LGBT+ people in sport often still face.

In keeping with this years theme: 

  • Should you encounter or observe any discrimination then:
    1. Should you feel comfortable, such as an inappropriate comment made by a friend, then please feel free to challenge the behaviour yourself. 
    2. If not, please alert one of our stewards or a club official who can then take appropriate action. 
    3. Alternatively, you can report the incident via the independent organisation KickItOut.


  • Should you be subject to any form of discrimination then please make one of our stewards or club official aware as soon as possible.


What’s next? 

Each year, February is known as LGBT+ History Month. We intend to recognise this with a number of activities. We’ll let you know more details nearer the time. 

Our thanks

We’d like to thank both Middlesex FA and Harrow Borough Football Club for their help in recognising this event. As Stonewall state in their campaign “we know we’re always strongest when we stand together”. 

Russell Simpson 


Community Posters

The Club produces a monthly poster which details:

- Upcoming home matches;

- A QR code to purchase online tickets;

- Upcoming Events such as Geordies Live Music; and

- QR codes to follow the Club's social media accounts.

These are kindly displayed in local several pubs, cafes, shops etc. Shown opposite is the poster for November 2022.

As a thank you we publish their details in our match day programme. Shown below two pages from September 2022 and a further page from October 2022.

If you would like to display a poster in your establishment please email: site@hanwelltown.com

Posted: 19/10/2022