2002 Women's Euros: An interview with Darcie

(August 2022)

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Darcie and I'm 12 years old.

2. What sparked your initial interest in football?

Football is a big thing in my family so I've been going to games since I was little.

3. Are you a player, a supporter or both?

I support and play.

4. Which teams do you currently follow and why?

I follow Hanwell, as it ‘s local and during lockdown they had games we could      watch live. QPR as my entire family supports them. Manchester City Ladies, because they are a really good womens side. Finally, England, the lionesses and the mens.

5. How did you become involved in the Women’s Euro competition?

My coach nominated me and the person was selected at random. I got the opportunity to deliver the ball from my football club, Actonians.

6. Which matches did you go to?

We went to 11 games and 2 events this tournament:

  • The Euro Roadshow (Tower Bridge)
  • England vs Austria (Old Trafford)
  • Germany vs Denmark (Brentford Community Stadium)
  • England vs Norway (AMEX)
  • Germany vs Spain (Brentford Community Stadium)
  • England vs Northern Ireland (St Mary’s)
  • Denmark vs Spain (Brentford Community Stadium)
  • England vs Spain (AMEX)
  • Germany vs Austria (Brentford Community Stadium)
  • England vs Sweden (Bramall Lane)
  • Germany vs France (Stadium MK)
  • England vs Germany (Wembley)
  • Winners Party (Trafalgar Square).

7. What duties did you have as the official ball carrier at the Germany vs Spain match at Brentford?

I got to hand the ball to the referee just before kick off.

8. What’s your favourite memory of the competition?

It’s quite hard to decide whether it was bringing the ball onto the pitch, watching England lift the trophy or travelling over 1000 miles just to watch England!

9. What was your favourite ground?

Brighton's ground was quite nice but it has to be Wembley.

10. What was the best match you went to?

I loved the final but the Northern Ireland vs England game was amazing.

11. Who had the best fans?

Northern Ireland by far. Although they were already out so the game didn't matter, they were so loud.

12. Who was your favourite player of the tournament?

The entire England squad - it's hard to pick just one.

13. What was your favourite goal?

Either Alesia Russo's magic back heel or Chloe Kelly's winning goal.

14. Did you meet anyone famous?


Jill Scott, Karen Carney, Sue Smith, Alex Scott, Vicky Losada, Rachel Brown, Nadia Nadim, Erin Cuthbert. I also met most of the German squad and some Spanish players.

15. How do you feel about England winning the tournament?

Speechless, inspired, and overwhelmed. I can't wait to see the difference in

women's football.

16. What changes do you hope to see for yourself following England’s win?

Getting Football in to PE. Being in an all girls school makes it hard as the only put ‘Girls Sports’ like netball on the curriculum.

17. What are looking forwards to next season?

Watching loads more live football!

Thanks Darcie!