300 Not Out !!!

The name Duffy has become synonymous with Hanwell Town over the last few decades, thanks to what surely must be close to a world record for player and managerial appearances for the same club by members of the same family. From winning two promotions (one bloodied and bandaged for most of the game in the playoff final against Chertsey) and recently passing the incredible milestone of 300 appearances for Hanwell Town at the age of 27, we thought it was time to catch up with our all action centre half Calum Duffy.

Can you tell us a bit about your football journey before Hanwell?
My dad was the manager of Hanwell growing up so me, my brothers and cousins were always down at Hanwell playing out the back on the training pitch.

Can you remember your first game at Hanwell and how did things go?
I can't actually remember my first game for Hanwell for sure but I think it was Cray Valley away in the FA Cup and I can't remember the result to be honest.
(Editor: It looks like we beat Cray Valley Paper Mills 4-3 away in round 3 of the London Senior Cup in November 2012)

You've experienced two promotions however, what has been your most memorable match and/or moment at Hanwell?
I've had quite a few memorable moments at Hanwell. One is winning the league and only losing one game all season, epescially with my brothers and my cousin in the same side and my dad as the manager. However, the playoff final probably tops that in terms of one off games and the feeling of it all coming down to that day. Plus, the way we won it was the icing on the cake.

The team is flying in Step 3, do you notice a big difference from the level below?
I expected there to be a step up playing against better teams week in week out but we've made adjustments as a squad and have made that step up in quality ourselves.

What is the most significant change you've seen since you first joined the Club?
I couldn't say what the biggest thing is in terms of individual difference but the Club has come on leaps and bounds since my early days here.

Which ex-teammate do you miss the most and why?
Probably Ricky Pither and Chris Mills for what they brought in the dressing room and their welcome for new players was something special as well - they weren't bad players either!

How would you describe the Club in one sentence?
A well run family club.

After 300 games at the Club what's next on to-do list?
It's got to be another promotion hasn't it!

Tom Harrison-Foll